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"Clear perception and correct expression"
We offer a variety of services as part of our language wing

Business English

This is different from general and academic English and hence there is a need to learn business vocabulary, useful expressions for business communication, language in business contexts and linguistic rules for business socializing. The program is aimed at enhancing the English competence of participants with special focus on speaking skills and effective business writing.

Accent advantage

This programme on Accent Reduction has been designed to reduce the effect of mother tongue on the English speech of learners and is recommended for any one who wishes to acquire a neutral accent. A heavy regional or foreign accent can come in the way of being intelligible. While a mild accent may be admired, not being understood can be very disconcerting for all!

Accent Reduction Program takes individuals through the steps of breaking English words down to its phonemes, and teaches them to pronounce each one correctly in a step-by-step fashion.

Customized language lab content

We create customized language solutions for schools and colleges based on the level of English being taught, in order to best suit their needs. We also create language lab content tailor made to work along with the syllabus. A key aspect of this service is the use the bilingual teaching method for students with limited or no exposure to the English language. The information is presented in (L1) the mother tongue and then in (L2) English. Students grasp the meaning and flow of L2 based on their recall of the meaning and flow of the information in L1.

Learning solutions

ALV Launchpad is a robust platform that can be customized to teach any subject. We create e-learning modules which can be used with our platform or independently as well. This is a great way to convert hard copies of material into a format that is readily available to users to learn at their own pace in the convenience of their homes or in a lab. We specialize in web based solutions. We provide hosted solutions - users do not need to invest in expensive hardware and software.

On-site Corporate training

Corporate executives are required to present themselves in accordance with the demands of their role. Executives at each level have very specific training needs. Based on a needs analysis, customized training modules are developed and implemented by us at corporate houses. Accent training for call centers, and business English presentation skills training are some examples.

The Internet has shrunk the globe and geographic boundaries have little meaning in cyberspace. Almost 80% of this global village accessed through the World Wide Web uses the English language. English is, therefore, no longer just the Lingua Franca of the business world. It is now the language of opportunity and global communication.

As the demand to attain mastery in the English language grows by the day, so does the demand for teachers of the language. But there is a dearth of able English language teachers in most parts of the world. At ALV Works, we strive to fill this gap with our unique language solution that is culturally customized for its users. We are committed to the cause of spreading knowledge and education. We want to reach out to people in all walks of life, across the globe.

With more and more institutions offering e-learning programmes, technology seems to have a significant impact on language training. Not only can lessons be imparted online, simple and effective online testing tools can also be made available. ALV is an initiative to use technology creatively in order to facilitate learning.

The Teaching Methodology

Our eclectic teaching methodology is a blend of the PPP (Present, Practice, Produce) approach and the audio-lingual method. The course structure and exercise material hold the essence of 15+ years of experience, which includes training corporate executives, management students, call center executives, nurses and foreign nationals in a variety of aspects of English.

The PPP (Present, Practice, Produce) approach comprises of presenting a language item, practicing in class and producing the language under supervision. The ALV Launchpad provides students with the opportunity for extensive practice to help develop accuracy and to learn at one's own pace.

According to the renowned linguist Palmer there are 3 processes in learning a language

  1. Receiving the knowledge or material
  2. Fixing it in the memory by repetition
  3. Using it in actual practice until it becomes a personal skill

Learning Styles

Students have different learning preferences. It is important to present information in the medium best suited for them. There are 3 predominant learning styles:

  1. Visual learners: They learn through seeing. They tend to think in pictures and learn best through visual tools such as images, videos and illustrations presented in front of them. This style constitutes a majority of the population.
  2. Auditory learners: They learn through listening. They learn best through verbal lectures, discussions and talking things through. They interpret the meaning of verbal stimulus by listening to the tone of voice, pitch and other nuances.
  3. Tactile/Kinesthetic learners: They learn through moving, doing and touching. They learn best through a hands-on approach. They need to write or type to internalize the material, and get a feel of what they are learning.

Our learning solution addresses the needs of students from all 3 learning styles. It is, therefore, a sure-shot tool for imparting knowledge effectively.

This is how our language solution works:

  1. A language item is presented audio-visually.
  2. Adequate time is allowed for practice.
  3. Students can record their voice and compare with the model voice to perfect what they have set out to learn.