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Ms Saroj Sridhar
CEO, Feedback Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Feedback is a consulting firm and communication is integral to our business. It is therefore one of the metrics on which we appraise our executives. We had identified a few executives who required inputs in this area and since we do not have the internal competence to undertake training, we approached Lakshmi for help. She evaluated the competence levels of the group and based on their skill levels, graded them and designed a customized program to suit their needs.

The sessions addressed a number of issues - clarity in oral and written communication, grammar, diction and ability of the executives to speak with confidence. All the sessions were highly interactive. The participants were evaluated regularly through tests and assignments.

We are pleased to observe that the communication skills of the participants have improved significantly since the session. It has helped them in their daily work routine and has also helped increase their confidence. Further, they are more conscious of grammar and diction now. The feedback from the participants was also very good. Lakshmi is a friendly person and these youngsters were able to relate to her and her methodology.

Mr Tapas Pal
Creative Director, Leading advertising agency

I attended Lakshmi Venkat's Business English program. It helped me in more ways than one. There is a marked improvement in my accent and pronunciation. The user friendly coverage of grammar, role plays, extensive practice of letter writing and making presentations were very useful. I now write much better and speak with enormous confidence.

Mr Raj Iyer
Senior Marketing Executive, Leading consultancy firm

When the workshop started I was of the impression that it would be like a usual workshop where most of the communication is one way. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not just another session but we were also made to do some role plays which added a fun factor to it. So it is right to say that I had a lot of fun while learning.

The sessions highlighted how much importance phonetics play in day to day communication. It also made us realize that one needs to think in the language we are speaking to be fluent in that language. Though we had to start from scratch it made me realize how important these fundamentals are to strengthen one's language skills.

Today I am more confident of my English and the way I interact with clients and other business associates, all thanks to you.

Mr Ashutosh Chandratrey
Senior VP, GTL Infrastructures Ltd.

Ms. Lakshmi Venkatachalam was handling American Accent Training, Accent reduction and Business English Programmes for us. During her tenure we found her to be an extremely competent and commited trainer. She was innovative in her teaching methodology and content creation. She has a high degree of acceptance and an excellent rapport with all her trainees.

Mr Mahesh Rathod
Country Head - Investment (India)
Australian Trade Commission

Nobody ever told me what exactly was wrong with my speech until I took Lakshmi Venkat's accent reduction course. I was fascinated to learn the sounds of English. Never knew this aspect of the English Language. There was a noticeable difference in my speech after only a few lessons. Her classes were organized, articulate and specific to my individual needs. I have learned to listen, to become aware of the difficult pronunciation areas in my speech. I was very impressed with her linguistic talent, professionalism and experience.

Ms Patricia G. Koster
COO, Outsource India

Ms. Venkatachalam has proven herself to be the consummate professional and provided outstanding service to the project. We found Ms. Venkatachalam to be intelligent and well versed in all aspects of American English. All of the students who completed her training are well prepared to undertake US telemarketing projects. We found her a pleasure to work with.

Outsource India would be pleased to work with Ms. Venkatachalam in the future and would highly recommend her for any project that involves the teaching of English.


Ms. Lakshmi's exhaustive knowledge on spoken English, literature and grammar combined with flawless people management skills, paved the way for me and many others to improve upon our vocational as well as our overall communication skills. I was only beginning my career then and over the years I've worked in areas spanning IT Staffing, Supply Chain Automation and Consulting across multiple locations and organizations. Needless to say, my communication skills have played a vital role in enabling me to get past most barriers of the corporate world that may exist.

She remains, till date a great source of inspiration, a philosopher and friend and a teacher I'd be happy to take advice from whenever time comes calling.