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Why ALV Launchpad?

While the conventional system in place is priceless, this online medium will grab the attention of students and teachers alike by offering the following:

  • Providing a learning edge to students
  • Strengthening the existing system of learning
  • A single repository for all data
  • Ample practice for students
  • Easy monitoring of user performance
  • Assignments posted online
  • User friendly learning pace
  • A powerful tool for competitive exam preparation
  • Once the data is created, it is a valuable asset for the institution, its teachers & students
  • This is a hosted solution which does not require the user to invest heavily on buying and managing hardware and software

Who can use this solution?

  • Any individual or institution that wants to manage its content efficiently, administer self evaluation tests and manage users effectively will find ALV Launchpad to be the perfect solution.
  • This is a great platform for schools, colleges, coaching classes and other institutions to
    • Maintain a database of students
    • Manage high volumes of content efficiently
    • Offer study material and assignments
    • Administer tests with immediate feedback
  • Corporate houses can use this platform to conduct internal training and assessment.


  • Timed quizzes/tests
  • Random questions
  • Backward navigation
  • Instant Feedback
  • Negative marking
  • Quiz reports
  • Customised quiz access permissions
  • Question types
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Match the columns
    • Fill in the blanks
    • True or false
    • Long answer questions
  • User creation
  • Role mapping
  • Role/User specific permissions
  • User profile management
  • Group mailing facility
  • Complete course plan creation
  • Content, notes and summary creation
  • Customized content access permissions
  • Create message and query threads and contribute to the entire network of users
  • A great way for one or more users to share notes and articles with a wide audience
  • Exchange views and seek answers instantly from instructors and peers
  • Customised reports based on your requirements
  • Online help pages
  • Detailed user manual
  • Contact system administrator
  • Support